with every minute of delay,we lose any chance for putting down a very heavy load,with any relative gradualness,because with every minute,our force is exhausted

open letter to world leaders

The fate of human civilization is not in humans hands,..it can be calculated with a very high degree of certainty..this is the truth which was often obscured by most of the modern philosophies,as a kind of resisting the inevitable collapse,..but with more of this resistance,the situation had become worse,...the collapse had become more destructive,.. it is the responsibility of all world leaders to stop this resistance,by declaring the truth and letting civilization to fall now,..its fall today will be much better than its fall tomorrow,..there is no excuse depending on the idea that the subject is very hard to study and judge,..the data is here,it was here years ago,we only need enough courage to face the truth


A well-established collapse

any change in any system could be occasional or well-established,..a collapse,as a sharp change in a system,could be occasional or well-established,...a good example of an occasional collapse is when a young person falls ill,..and a good example of a well-established collapse is when an old person falls ill,...the difference here is clear,..the general health of a young person is much better than the general state of health of an old person.
civilization could have collapsed during the twentieth century if a strong accident would have happened,for example,if a meteoroid would have hit the earth,..but this early collapse of civilization would have been an accidental one,..it is true that it will bring the peak of civilization earlier,and this peak would have been much humble than the level we already reached,..but the process of collapsing would have been very much more gradual,..not only because we would have fallen from a less height,but also because it was an accidental collapse,meaning that the general conditions of civilization were still sound,..the course that the curve will take will be less smooth,..there will be many upward trends,before reaching the complete disintegration,..the passing of time without any accidental destructive event means that we lost the opportunity of these upward trends during the collapsing process,the curve will be so smooth,..it will be a one way course.
in the recent years,world leaders and other responsible persons,were handling all the problems with very high sensitivity,..they know how sensitive the situation is,so they did their best to avoid any accidental destructive event,...but by doing this,they choose to make the collapse very well-established.
now,people are still choosing more resistance,..every day that passes now is making the collapse more deep-rooted,...it has to be noted that one day of delay would not make a big difference few years ago,but now,every one day of delay has huge consequences.
personally,I do not like hesitation,I prefer thing to be very well-established,..this makes planning more easier and clearer,..my plans now are becoming simpler and clearer because of the delay of the timing of the collapse,...but there is another and more important personal interest in this delay,..it might seem that it is more beneficial for me to have an early collapse,..but this is not true at all,..every person has his own weak points and strong points,..more delay is in the interest of a person who has some mental advantages,because with every day of delay,the collapse is becoming purely mental,..this will not be in the interest of most people,..I urge people for an early collapse,only to make my conscience clear

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