with every minute of delay,we lose any chance for putting down a very heavy load,with any relative gradualness,because with every minute,our force is exhausted

open letter to world leaders

The fate of human civilization is not in humans hands,..it can be calculated with a very high degree of certainty..this is the truth which was often obscured by most of the modern philosophies,as a kind of resisting the inevitable collapse,..but with more of this resistance,the situation had become worse,...the collapse had become more destructive,.. it is the responsibility of all world leaders to stop this resistance,by declaring the truth and letting civilization to fall now,..its fall today will be much better than its fall tomorrow,..there is no excuse depending on the idea that the subject is very hard to study and judge,..the data is here,it was here years ago,we only need enough courage to face the truth


The worst case scenario

one of the main reasons that makes people ignore all the warnings about the near collapse of civilization,is that they can not imagine what could be worse than our current situation,...for example,when we urge world leaders to declare the truth about the collapse,they will know that this declaration will fuel the collapse in a very terrifying speed,so,they simply ignore the idea because they can not imagine what could be worse than that,...but with more precise thinking,we would see that the declaration means a complete conscious awareness and understanding of this tragic event,..its causes,its limits,...to what degree can we blame any one for it,..etc. ,...and this situation is less shocking and will cause less destruction than the situation of the lack of understanding,confusion,and mutilated information and ideas,....this exactly will be the situation with more resistance for declaring the complete truth immediately.
for every absent piece of information there will be a rumor,and with every absent logical idea there will be a superstition one,...those who deeply embrace the principles of free ideas,understand that,but is there really many of them?!...actually,most people adopt ethical principles only superficially,without understanding the logic behind them,..and eventually,they do not really apply them.
when I urge people to think about the collapse and study it,I only want them to avoid another more terrifying kind of thinking that would come later,..the question now is:how logical and reasonable will be the ideas that will cause the shock??...with every day of delay in putting all our effort in studying the subject,the scenario of superstitions and complete confusion will be inevitable,..everything will spin out of control,but the most destructive will be the mental confusion,it will be so strong that it will cause the spread of sudden death,..at this point it will be too late to bring people back to logical thinking,and the speed of panic and death will accelerate.
now,do we really still have a chance for conscious awareness ??
I am afraid that the failure is becoming more obvious every day,we are approaching the worst case scenario with very rapid steps,...consider yourself lucky that your are reading about the collapse and thinking logically about it,...be sure that no matter how my words are painful and shocking,it is much better for you than being part of the worst case scenario


Confidence never falls gradually

if someone you trust committed a disappointing act,you will do your best to find an excuse for him,..but if this kind of acts happened more than once,there will be a moment when you find your self unable to give him an excuse,..at this moment,you will not only admit that he did something wrong,but you will also,and at once,open all his old file,meaning that you will revise all what he did before,..and you will probably find out that he did so many wrong things before under the cover of your trust and excuses,...that's why a betrayal from someone you trust is always very shocking and very painful.
there are things that can not fall gradually,..the reason behind that is that there was a strong resistance(your excuses,in the last examples),...another example is the athlete who lifts very heavy weight,..now let us focus at the moment when the weight is at its maximum height,now the athlete is holding it up his head,with his arms straight upwards,..the athlete have succeeded in his attempt,..his problem now is to bring the very heavy weight down!!..yes,he knows very well that the weight can not brought down gradually,..once it begins its way downward,it will gain an accelerating speed that will make its dash downward uncontrollable,...another example is the very well known Tower of Pizza,...here his some information which I found on the web:
the Leaning Tower of Pisa is on the brink of disaster.
JOHN BURLAND: A collapse might be triggered by a storm or an earthquake.
JANE MORLEY: I'm astonished that it's still standing.
NARRATOR: Pisa is shaken by several tremors each year. If an earthquake rocks the ground, or a storm sweeps in from the nearby coast, one of the wonders of the world will be lost forever. Can modern ingenuity prevent this nightmare and save Pisa?
see: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/transcripts/2611pisa.html

it is clear how fragile and dangerous the situation is,they know that once the leaning reaches a certain critical degree,the tower will fall AT ONCE,...it can not go on with its gradual fall,....their talk about the tower,can be applied exactly on civilization


No period of sustainability for Civilization

the simple logic says that: for any structure to gain a considerable period of sustainability,it has to be built on strong bases,...traditional buildings gain their long period of sustainability from their solid components,...the body of an animal(the life of an animal) gains its period of sustainability from the very old-made plan, embedded in the DNA,....Civilization,on the other hand,does not have solid components nor a very old-made plan.
the logical law which states that the time of collapsing is always much shorter than the time of building,is always true,...but the problem is that we do not always make the accurate calculations for the time of building,...for example,the building which is made of stones,is not only build in some months or years,but we have to add part of the age of the stones themselves,which is billions of years,...also,the building of the animal body didn't take only the few years from birth till the age of mature state,but we have to add part of the age of the DNA itself,...civilization was not built according to a certain plan,like the case of the building of the animal body.
another example that I would like to mention here,is the gradual fall of the Roman Empire,..in fact,the Roman Empire was just an extension to all the old civilizations,so,the time of its building has to include all the time of these older civilizations,....but when we come to examine a real original civilization,like the old Egyptian state,we will find how dramatic its collapse was.
it is also very logic that the strength of the bases has to be increased,the higher the building becomes,in order to gain a considerable period of sustainability,...so,putting in mind that modern civilization has reached a very high level,it will be obvious that there is no chance for any period of sustainability that we may enjoy now


Death of a tree

Death of a tree !!
When I was a child,I asked my father a question,.."is this tree dead or still alive?",...my father who was a scientist,hesitated before giving me an answer,..after years,I come to understand that my father's problem,when I asked him my question,was not in the lack of information,but in the real difficulty of my question,..I read books about biological evolution,and I knew that death was not always parallel to life,..one book said that the one cell living organism does not know death,..this is easy to understand,..but my point is that when death began to be parallel to life,it didn't appear in the form that we know it,..it was a very gradual disintegration,that takes long time,..the tree is a good example for that,..my mistake was that I tried to apply the idea of death as we know it,on the tree.
but the question is,..why does only the higher forms of life experience quick death??
when we study the different levels of life,the relation of the quick death and the higher form of life appears very obvious,...and the is a very clear logic behind that.
evolution means gaining higher efficiency,..this can be achieved by several methods,..the most important is the co-operation of the individuals,..and this will lead to specialization in functions,..which will lead to the need of a leadership to supervise and arrange the co-operation of the individuals,...and so,life forms had to evolute by being multiple cell forms and then create the nerves system,...this increasing centralization leads logically to the sudden death fate.
and as we can see these days,how civilization is trying to resist the collapse by more co-operation between the individuals,it is in the same time increasing the sharpness of the collapse,...it is its logical price that even biological organisms had to pay it.
now we can understand why the evolution process of civilization had to go through a communication revolution that allowed the individuals to co-operate more efficiently,..and why world leaders now are appealing for more co-operation between them,..it was for sure the only way to resist the collapse,but,by denying the logical price that have to be payed,they are committing a great lie.
lying,on the other hand,is the most efficient way to resist the collapse,..but at the highest price,..it is obvious that the burst of the bubble of lies need only few seconds to happen,..the centralization here is in its maximum form,it is not only the centralization of the mind,..but more than that,by depending on lies,we create a center within the mind,..a central ideas,that controls all our other ideas,...and with the collapse of this ideas,the whole mind will collapse,leading to the sudden death of the person,and indeed the sudden death of civilization.
as we can see,..when we try to compare the collapse of our modern civilization with the collapse of the ancient civilizations,we are committing the same mistake which I had committed when I was a child,when I tried to compare the death of a tree by the death of upper animals,..as the case of the tree,ancient civilization didn't reach this high degree of individual co-operation and centralization,..the tree will only die when nearly all its parts disintegrate individually,..but as the case of upper animals,our modern civilization will collapse very sharply with the collapse of its center,which is the mind,..and the mind will collapse very sharply with the collapse of its central ideas



if the collapse is to be delayed for few more months,it will become so strong that it will leave very few number of people alive,...which will lead to complete extinction in few more years
but,on the other hand,I do not think that resistance can continue for months to come,..the delay in this final months will need a huge amount of energy that would not be practically available,..but it is becoming clear every day that resistance is still strong,which means that we still have a month or two of lost opportunities


My Arabic Book -part 1

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here is my one step scenario
within one month,a famous writer will write about my blog,....he might not be completely convinced of my ideas but he will see that it is serious enough to be given the chance of wide publication

now,..would you take the risk of betting that this will not happen??.....personally,I would not bet on that