with every minute of delay,we lose any chance for putting down a very heavy load,with any relative gradualness,because with every minute,our force is exhausted

open letter to world leaders

The fate of human civilization is not in humans hands,..it can be calculated with a very high degree of certainty..this is the truth which was often obscured by most of the modern philosophies,as a kind of resisting the inevitable collapse,..but with more of this resistance,the situation had become worse,...the collapse had become more destructive,.. it is the responsibility of all world leaders to stop this resistance,by declaring the truth and letting civilization to fall now,..its fall today will be much better than its fall tomorrow,..there is no excuse depending on the idea that the subject is very hard to study and judge,..the data is here,it was here years ago,we only need enough courage to face the truth


?? what would happen in two months

??what would happen in two months
within one month,strong ideas which proves that there is no hope for civilization,will reach one of the world leaders,..he will know that these ideas will soon reach other leaders,so he will prefer to declare it first,because this will put him in better position in front of his people

in the second month,other world leaders will join this declaration,because no one would risk to be the last,..in days,the truth will be known to most people all around the world,and the collapse will take place immediately

of course,this is only one example of what may happen,the real scenario may differ, but a twist here or a twist there will not change the fact that one way or another,the truth will reach people very soon,and the collapse will happen immediately,....no one can change that


Personal Planning 3

personal planing 3

There is no way to put a detailed plan without assuming a certain day for the collapse,..this step was always rejected from most people because it gives the impression of unscientific certainty,..but the truth is that we are only making this certain date for the sake of planning,..of course we have to make it as close to the real date as we can,but even if it was still far by weeks or months,it will be better than not putting any date at all,because without it there could not be a real plan

I find it very reasonable to to make this date after two months (at the end of February),..so,for myself, my plan is only two months long

Personal Planning2

personal planning 2

The priority in the plan has to be given to mental preparations:..enough time to study the subject,..enough time to follow the news,...beside keeping our mental state at its best condition,mainly by applying enough ways of entertainment.

The plan has to be a DETAILED one(day by day),...here we have to sacrifice some of the flexibility of the plan to gain something else of a great importance,..which is lifting the burden of decision making completely, to give our minds the opportunity to deal with other great pressures


Personal Planning

personal planning

happy new year 2010 to everyone,..I find it very suitable to talk about planning when we are about to begin a new year,...actually,planning is very important in any time,specially when we are facing great events,..when I tell my friends about the near collapse of civilization,they always have the same attitude:" even if that was true,we shall not change our regular plans nor our daily routine",..I want to make it clear that this attitude is the most dangerous,...people may live with it for some time,but when the evidence become stronger,and the time become shorter,this attitude will lead to great mental confusion,..we can simply say that it is an illogical attitude from the beginning,..but as many other illogical attitudes,people can live with it for some time,..but when the time is late,the price may become life its self.
I hope people will put new plans for the new year, which would be more realistic,..and remember one thing,..if your are still insisting on keeping the false attitude,..you are not really believing that a great collapse is coming soon,..and you are not fooling any one but yourself