with every minute of delay,we lose any chance for putting down a very heavy load,with any relative gradualness,because with every minute,our force is exhausted

open letter to world leaders

The fate of human civilization is not in humans hands,..it can be calculated with a very high degree of certainty..this is the truth which was often obscured by most of the modern philosophies,as a kind of resisting the inevitable collapse,..but with more of this resistance,the situation had become worse,...the collapse had become more destructive,.. it is the responsibility of all world leaders to stop this resistance,by declaring the truth and letting civilization to fall now,..its fall today will be much better than its fall tomorrow,..there is no excuse depending on the idea that the subject is very hard to study and judge,..the data is here,it was here years ago,we only need enough courage to face the truth


Confidence never falls gradually

if someone you trust committed a disappointing act,you will do your best to find an excuse for him,..but if this kind of acts happened more than once,there will be a moment when you find your self unable to give him an excuse,..at this moment,you will not only admit that he did something wrong,but you will also,and at once,open all his old file,meaning that you will revise all what he did before,..and you will probably find out that he did so many wrong things before under the cover of your trust and excuses,...that's why a betrayal from someone you trust is always very shocking and very painful.
there are things that can not fall gradually,..the reason behind that is that there was a strong resistance(your excuses,in the last examples),...another example is the athlete who lifts very heavy weight,..now let us focus at the moment when the weight is at its maximum height,now the athlete is holding it up his head,with his arms straight upwards,..the athlete have succeeded in his attempt,..his problem now is to bring the very heavy weight down!!..yes,he knows very well that the weight can not brought down gradually,..once it begins its way downward,it will gain an accelerating speed that will make its dash downward uncontrollable,...another example is the very well known Tower of Pizza,...here his some information which I found on the web:
the Leaning Tower of Pisa is on the brink of disaster.
JOHN BURLAND: A collapse might be triggered by a storm or an earthquake.
JANE MORLEY: I'm astonished that it's still standing.
NARRATOR: Pisa is shaken by several tremors each year. If an earthquake rocks the ground, or a storm sweeps in from the nearby coast, one of the wonders of the world will be lost forever. Can modern ingenuity prevent this nightmare and save Pisa?
see: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/transcripts/2611pisa.html

it is clear how fragile and dangerous the situation is,they know that once the leaning reaches a certain critical degree,the tower will fall AT ONCE,...it can not go on with its gradual fall,....their talk about the tower,can be applied exactly on civilization

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