with every minute of delay,we lose any chance for putting down a very heavy load,with any relative gradualness,because with every minute,our force is exhausted

open letter to world leaders

The fate of human civilization is not in humans hands,..it can be calculated with a very high degree of certainty..this is the truth which was often obscured by most of the modern philosophies,as a kind of resisting the inevitable collapse,..but with more of this resistance,the situation had become worse,...the collapse had become more destructive,.. it is the responsibility of all world leaders to stop this resistance,by declaring the truth and letting civilization to fall now,..its fall today will be much better than its fall tomorrow,..there is no excuse depending on the idea that the subject is very hard to study and judge,..the data is here,it was here years ago,we only need enough courage to face the truth


The Race

what would you prefer,..to tell your family about the collapse,or to wait till they hear about it from other source?
if you have friends who trust your opinions,..what would you prefer,to tell them about the collapse or to wait till they know it from other source?
and if you are a writer,what would you prefer,..to tell your readers who trust you,about the collapse,or to wait till they read about it from other source?
very soon,the situation will be like a race,every one will try to wash his hands from the responsibility of being late in warning others,or being unaware of the truth,..this race will spread the truth in a very high speed.
do not fall into the illusion that the truth will not reach others soon,the truth has its enormous power,it can not be contained for long time

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